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Deciding on the right color scheme for your room can be stressful, or it can be fun. Let’s make it fun. As I work with customers and clients I have seen them struggle with selecting the right color scheme, and often witness the client settling for colors that feel safe. And this is where I step in and get to work, you should never settle, remember, this is something you will be living with for a long time.

So, what is the process, and how do you keep it fun and easy?

Pick up some of your favorite shelter magazines, buy them of get them from friends. Then browse through the magazines and tear out any page that remotely appeals to you. Don’t overthink it, just tear out any and everything that catch your eye. Next step is sorting your pages into types of room. If your project is decorating the bedroom, focus on the bedroom pictures, spread them out on a table or on the floor, then step back and look at this collage. There will be a common denominator, and that will be your key to the color scheme. For example you may notice that your favorites all have shades of cream and brown with soft pink accents. Or shades blue, punched up with white and yellow accents. Believe me, it will come to you.

Claus ClosetAnother method is checking out the favorites in your wardrobe. Simply take a look at your closet and the colors of your clothes. The colors you are comfortable wearing are also the colors you like to be surrounded by in your home. As you can see by the photo, I like blues, tan, cream, white and brown. I am also a fan of earth tones to include rich terra cotta shades.





Your favorite piece of artwork or your area rug could be another inspiration. If you love the painting, the colors, the different shade and hues, why not work from that?

Surya Rugs CollageYou also have an incredible resource in Pantone. Visit the website www.pantone.com for valuable information and forecast for color in the fashion industry.

A common fear or concern is that you may pick colors that are trendy, and that you will grow tired of them. But the reality is, that as long as you select colors you are comfortable with, you will be happy with your selection for a long time.

And help is available, Decorum Furniture’s staff is trained to assisting you in making the right selection!

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