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I have always wondered what people think as they are making a decision, when they are buying a sofa.  Being in the business of selling furniture makes it  pretty much… matter of fact for me…..   Not really….. Like everyone else, there is a very big emotional component attached to buying a sofa for me.. and everyone else… (one of the reasons I don’t understand buying furniture online…. just saying)

Like in all relationships…… the first thing when buying a sofa is…  What does it look like?……   Yes,  that first impression is very important….   How sexy is that sofa?   Remember we all have our own idea of what  sexy. is…..   Is it slim and seductive?  Is it fun and colorful?  Is it comfy and overstuffed?   Make sure   that you look beyond that first impression. Remember, this is a commitment!

After that first impression…… Consider what is the long term relationship going to be like?   So,  don’t be fooled by the pretty exterior….. not that pretty isn’t bad… Make sure it is comfy and makes you feel good… That  it envelops you and keeps you safe and secure. Make sure it is the right fit…..  It’s important that it fits just right into your life (and in your room).

Remember to treat it right…… Give the sofa all it needs to have a great life…… Give it the cleaning and conditioning  it needs to be beautiful.  Who wants to come home to an unkempt sofa?  Keep it in an area where it won’t  get sun damage and make sure the rest of the family treats it  with respect. ( our pooches and kitties sometimes get jealous and take it out on the sofa)

And one last thing….  Make you you provide for the sofas well being…..  getting a protection plan assures you that your sofa will be taken care of in case of an accident…..  i.e. stain or damage …


Remember….. this relationship should last a very long time…..  you just can’t kick your sofa to the curb….. unless you go with one of those sofas on craigslist.

So… what am I trying to say……  Make sure you fall in love with a sofa that is compatible with your lifestyle, and your home…

If you are ready, come by Decorum and romance the sofa of your dreams.

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